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Our Miniature Schnauzer pepper and salt is mated by Multi. Sauce Solferino du Greffier du Roi can add another title to his list: French Champion! He topped it with a Best in Show! For show details look on the page Showand for puppies look in the page fokken/ breeding 2018, july: Viva becomes a brandnew, american Champion by winning Best of Breed  3 days in a row at the West Palm Show cluster! Unformtuantely we could not stay for Best In Show 10-10: Palomino became 3rd BIG and 3rd BIS champion of all Breeds at the show in Orleans! Thanks to the expert handling of the talented Noami van Mourik and the help of showteam Miluna! See the show page! Palomino finished his German Title in style with CAC cacib BOB Europasieger2017 and 3rd BIG Paroles gor her 2nd CAC in Germany. September 13: Paroles  gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies: 2 boys and 7 girls! Best in group at Charleroi Dogshow! Palomino qualified easily for this show. New pictures of Brunis Palominos beautifull puppies on the page breeding. Januari: Palomino starts his showcareer in the USA and OMG what a start!

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Great results on the Show in Amsterdam Winner 2013! Good start of 2017: February new life born Viva became mother of 8 beautiful puppies, see page breeding. Sulpice les Feuilles see the page show for all results of the Huntingtest in France Vimpelles see the page jacht See for all results at Crufts 2013 showpage See for all result of the Topdog of the Yearshow showpage. Proud father is our wonderboy Multi. August England two shows 1 weekend Houdnshow and Paignton. Best IN show under. Qui Vive and, qui Vivra Verra won the Youthtitles and darling, viva became Best Bitch again and Winster16. Congrats to Palomino and Pomerol du Greffier du. See for pictures our show page. Februari: Hocus Pocus is mated by Figaro so we expect puppies at the beginning of april. Januari: Topdog of the Year show:  Palomino won Res. 18 th may:  Vittel dogshow France:.

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for the Kansas Show cluster. Palomino du Greffier du Roi won BOB and Best in Group and finally 3rd best IN show! December: 2 shows  in Amsterdam: 13 december Winnershow: Palomino won his Winnertitle and became again BOB and lateron BIG. End of september Maastricht Dogshow : 2 days 2 times BOB: 1sr day res. Since march : Palomino. See more on the page breeding Nouvelle became a mother of a whole team 5 boys and 6 girls: Show results from Maastricht Zwolle see showpage Coquine her pups are all in their new homes see more on the page breeding. Januari 3: Juno becomes a mother to 6 lovely puppies 2017, november: Juno might become a mother in January. Dogshow Utrecht: The first show in april brought us a Brand New Champion: Terre Nouvelle du Greffier du Roi became our 69th Champion!

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Within 2 months he. 14-09: We have  mated Hocus Pocus succesfully in France so in november we hope to have puppys again! 3 Dogs of ALL breeds in the Netherlands. 1st of June: CAC Clubshow BGV Club Nl: We won nearly everything! June: 22nd June: CAC Clubshow Griffon VendéenClub: Again we won everything except BIS for we needed to go back to Uden outdoor for the BIS finals! April Amiens France: Nouvelle wins her last CC to finish her French Championtitle. Palomino wins the CAC cacib  BOB and becomes 3rd BIG. 8 from our kennel. Show in Wijchen the Christmas show Palomino won his 5th CC! July: 26 July: Brunis puppies are born 7 little bundles of joy devided in 4 boys and 3 girls, look for more information on the page fokken/breeding 12th July: Maubeuge Dogshow France: Palomino was the star again. Unicum du Greffier du Roi        3rd Best in Show huntingdog June: 23 26 of june pupies born see page : fokken/ breeding Clubshow BGV Club NL: Palomino wins it all! P got beaten so he ended up with. 1 Hound in the USA! Lacey finished her Dutch Champion title!

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Januari 22 24 Int. October: Viva becomes our New Champion at the  IDS Zwolle by winning Best Opposite Sexe. We took only 1 dog ( not like some others 5 or 6) and we won it ALL! July dogshow Luik België another BIS for PAlomino see showpage June 23: we had to say goodbye to our dear. She is  French Champion. Topdog of the Yearshow for dogs that have won groups 1,2, or 3 or are  Clubwinners. 2014 : December 11-12 2 new Champions! April 23: first show this year The German CCF Clubshow for French Hounds: We took 3 dogs, they all won the CC With Paroles as best Bitch and. Best in group at Rotterdam Show. 2 Hound of America. Best male, best of Breed and Best in show! See the page breeding for more details.